Character / Sketch / Painting

Kiwi the Fruit Monster

I made this children book illustration and character toy design to help kids find interests in reading. The patent of this character design has been registered in China.

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Comic looks of ANA Crews

Illustrated the look of ANA crews for the Facebook Ad called Fly with ANA to the Blue Sky. I animated the characters to make them more eye-catching.

Flower Sketch

Digital drawing of my purple hyacinth that I brought back to Hong Kong from Amsterdam.

Girl Friends

Casual illustration for my female friends to celebrate our wonderful single life.



Logo / Packaging / Infographics / Advertising

Beef & Beer

Used the concept of rocket and interstellar travel to make take-away food appealing for tech geeks who love sci-fi, beef and beer.

Samsonite Business

Designed a Facebook Page event for promoting Samsonite Business travel bags in Hong Kong market during Chinese New Year.

100 Millions Suosuo

Created a key visual for Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology encourages people to donate for preventing desertification on their HTML5 game.


Visual Narrative

Architecture / Animation / Photography

Gimme Love

Creative Video Commercial for Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow (Student Project)

Journey of Colors

Combining photography and digital retouch, the postcards I sent to friends from my European trips.

The Lychee

Architectural concept design for Hong Kong Science Park GIFT Design Ideas Competition