ClothClip is a creative and eco-friendly platform for you to bid your own fashion stylists and to manage your own closet of clothes. We create a unique and special channel for you to communicate with the fashionistas in the town in order to get inspired on how to mix and match your clothing items and fashion stores can increase sales by our creative Online-to- Offline (O2O) marketing solution with the usage of iBeacon technology collaborating with the mobile application.


"Need Fashion Advice?"

According to our 2014 market research in Hong Kong, around 70% of interviewees said they had needs for fashion advice. Being more presentable and confident while looking good is the main reason they want advices from fashion professionals. 90% of them thought mix and match was very important in daily life. Most of them had online shopping experience, and they agreed that it's risky to order unmatched items online because of false advertising.

"So many clothes, but I still can't find anything to wear!"

One primary reason why we can never find anything to wear in the morning and we hates everything in their closet is because 80 percent of the clothes in our closets hold value to us as a memory or as a different version of ourselves but doesn’t work for the person and the life we have now, and therefore, we hate everything in our closets because most of it is just NOT representative of the current version of us. In short, we don't want to repeat wearing the same clothes.

"I'm uninspired at the moment and I've feel overwhelmed!"

The other reason why we feel annoyed about the fashion choices is because too many choices. If you go to a restaurant with hundreds of choices, you can get overwhelmed. Same as the choices of clothes.

A Journey from Online to Offline

There were three types of target users. First, general users who were usually under 40 years old and wanted to dress appropriately, actively using their mobile phones in daily life. These are our main target. Fashion stylists were the second type, who were usually fashion students or bloggers and wanted to build up public reputation by providing fashion services for general users. The last ones were boutique stores that desired to have an effective way to increase sales and access the potential customers online.

Empowering people and fashion industry and creating fashion stylists through latest technology anytime, anyplace on any mobile devices was the vision of ClothClip. By delivering the trendiest and continuous innovations related to the fashion industry, ClothClip wanted to be the preferred fashion online community for its end users.

"With an iBeacon network, any brand, retailer, app, or platform will be able to understand exactly where a customer is in the brick and mortar environment."

by ibeacon.com

ClothClip aimed to bring users from online to offline shopping. By integrating iBeacon technologies to ClothClip, it provided an opportunity to send users highly contextual, hyper-local, meaningful messages and advertisements on their smartphones.

Interacting with iBeacon helps ClothClip users to find the fashion items in store.